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Meet our cats, Sneakers and Mischief! For several years All god’s creatures ran a cat rescue and Sneakers and Mischief were among the first kittens . They won our hearts and have been with us ever since.

Sneakers is very personable and outgoing, greeting everyone who enters the shop He likes to lay on the front counter and rest his head on the charge machine. He thinks it is his job to oversee the charges that are made for the day. He has quite a following as the customers are always looking for him when they come in.

Mischief is a small slender black cat with a bit of white on her front. While sweet in her own way, she is not as outgoing as Sneakers. She spends most of her day with her head sticking out of her little Cubby in the reception area watching the comings and goings. If you approach her gently and quietly she will allow you have the privilege of petting her.


Loretta has owned Whippets since 1981 so there is almost always a Whippet or two around the shop. Many of our long time Customers will remember Petie, our whippet mascot, who was always there to greet everyone as they entered. He had a fan club of his own. We lost our beloved Petie in December of 1998 and he is still very much missed.

At present Loretta has six whippets ranging in age from 8 years to 10 months. She and husband, Jim are involved with the sport of Lure Coursing and all the whippets except the baby are both ASFA and AKC Field Champions. Most weekends from March thru December will find them on a Coursing field somewhere doing what they love best.


Laura has always had a love for Dalmatians and has owned three in her lifetime. When she lost her precious Oreo at the age of 14 she decided to get a Cocker Spaniel. She always said that someday she would have a cocker that it would be wonderful and beautiful and we would all love her and she was right. Holly is the most perfect cocker we have ever met and has produced three beautiful litters of puppies, most of which we now see regularly in the grooming shop. Laura now has four cockers and most days there are one or two with her as she comes through the door at the shop.

Luna, the Siberian Husky, belongs to Laura’s daughter, Jessica, our bather. She is 3 years old and enjoys learning the different obstacles of Agility and spends most of her time babysitting our newest addition, Olivia, the Siberian Husky puppy.

Occasionally Sarah, my youngest granddaughter, will bring Jenny, the German Shorthair Pointer to the shop with her for a grooming. She is always a welcome guest and gets along nicely with the others, which is, by the way, the rule

Fergie, is a Jack Russel Terrior with a lot of spunk, She belongs to Linda and for the most part is

content to stay at home with Grandmom and Grandpop most of the time, But once in awhile she will grace us with her presence.

So, as you can see we have quite a menagerie coming and going at All God’s Creatures but we don’t mind! It is so nice to be able to have our pets with us while we work.

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