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About Us

We are here because we love grooming your pets! It’s really that simple. We are fortunate enough to be earning a living doing what we love. Your pets are important to us and we give them the same care that we give our own. Over a period of time many of them become like family members to us.

We are a full service grooming shop for both dogs and cats offering many extra services such as teeth cleaning, anal gland expression, special care for old timers and express service for those who need their pets done quickly. We will make every effort to give your pet the kind of grooming experience that will cause them the least amount of stress and make them look their best.

Because most of our customers have concerns about how long they will have to leave their pets for the grooming, we stagger our appointments and try to do about a 3 to 4 hour turnover throughout the day. Much depends on the amount of work involved in the grooming procedure but we try to stay on schedule as much as possible.

We use only the best grooming products available with a wide variety of Shampoos and Conditioner to meet your pet’s special needs. Our state of the art equipment ensures that you pet will be comfortable and safe during the grooming process. Pets are hand-dried with a forced air dryer-no heat. Our large cage dryer is humidity and temperature controlled with a timer to ensure that no pet will ever become overheated.

You are more than welcome to come in at any time and inspect our facility and equipment. It is our goal for you to be comfortable leaving your pets in our care.

Our Staff

Loretta McMullin

With 40 years of experience, Loretta began grooming her own poodles in 1972 and has never stopped. She has a passionate love for the grooming industry and has been dedicated to the business she has built, working long hours to see to it that every detail is taken care of. Even when she is not grooming she is busy taking care of shop business. Her specialties are old timers and difficult dogs and cats that need to be tranquilized. However at the close of 2012 Loretta decided to hang up her clippers and retire from grooming and continue on as business manager. Occasionally she will pop in and give us a hand when we are extremely busy.

Laura Stretz-DeMaria With 25+ years experience, Loretta’s daughter, Laura is now in charge. Growing up with a large variety of different kinds of pets, Laura developed a special bond with animals and is gifted with the ability to work with cats. Affectionately known as the Cat Whisperer, she continues to rescue and place feral cats and kittens. While she is an excellent groomer of all breeds, her specialty is Cocker Spaniels, as she is also a Cocker Breeder, producing some beautiful litters.

Linda Midiri

Linda started out with horses. Working at the race track, grooming and caring for race horses was great preparation for the transition to grooming. In addition she has owned many large breed dogs and, after 15 years now in the grooming business, large dogs are her specialty. She does beautiful work on everything large, from the Golden Retrievers to the Alaskan Malamutes to the new designer dogs, Golden doodles and Labradoodles. If it is big, it will usually end up on Linda’s table.

Jessica Stretz

Jessica grew up in the grooming shop so it was a natural progression for her to become our bather. She is meticulous about her work and you can be sure that the dogs she bathes are clean and properly fluffed dry with no wrinkles. She keeps a watchful eye on all the dogs in drying and holding room rotating them and making sure they are all comfortable. Her cleanup at the end of the day is the best we have ever seen. Jessica is excellent with both large and small dogs. While she is working her Husky, Luna is usually close by watching.

Stephanie Stretz

Having grown up in a grooming shop, it was no surprise to us that Stephanie started bathing and drying dogs at the age of nine. Throughout her teenage years she worked as our bather and more recently our receptionist. Her smiling face is sometimes the first thing you see when entering the shop. While recently graduating from Empire Beauty Academy, she still finds time to work with us when she is not grooming people. She handles checking in and checking out our clients as well as booking appointments and answering the phone. Having Stephanie at the counter gives the groomers more time to

concentrate on the pets we are working on. It's a win/win situation and we love having her with us. As a bonus, when she works with us she brings Jewel, her beloved Dalmatian of 14 years to work too.

Jim McMullin

There is always something that needs to be repaired! And that is where Loretta’s husband Jim comes into the picture. Clipper maintenance and repair is his specialty. He keeps our equipment in top running shape so that we can continue working without interruption. He maintains our Clipper Vac system that we would be lost without, and keeps the tub and shampoo system in good working condition. Our all around handyman- that’s Jim


139 Kenwood DRive N.

Levittown, PA 19055



Grooming by appointment only

Sun - Tues: Closed

We are located on Kenwood Drive behind the Walmart, formerly the site of the old Levittown Shopping Center. For the safety of your pet, please be sure your pet is on a secure leash coming in and out of the shop.

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