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All God’s Creatures Pet Grooming was born in 1984, the dream child of Loretta McMullin and Jacquie Wunder, two experienced groomers who decided to venture out on their own. The doors opened on Sept.4 in a tiny store front on Amelia Dr. in Levittown. Loretta and Jacquie had already acquired a considerable following and with hard work, word of mouth and some creative advertising the business began to flourish rather quickly. They were doing what they loved most, grooming dogs. Sadly, in 1986, Jacquie was forced to leave the business due to health issues and so Loretta continued on her own by hiring and training another groomer and a bather. Soon, all was well again. Business continued to grow. Life was good!

Very soon the tiny space became too tiny. In March of 1987 a large store became available in Leeper’s Shopping Center across the street on New Falls Rd. So much more room to grow! Although scary to undertake, the decision was made to go for it and All God’s Creatures took the plunge and made the move. The extra space made it possible to expand by increasing clientele, adding retail and hiring more employees. As business continued to grow state of the art grooming equipment was added to do the best job possible. Life was good!

In 1989 Loretta’s daughter, Laura joined the staff. Originally, Laura was the receptionist and retail person but cat grooming was soon added as a service due to her love of cats. Laura has always been the Cat Whisperer and continues to this day to rescue and place homeless cats. Thanks to her, cat grooming has become a large part of the business. Through the years as business continued to grow, 

Laura’s daughters, Stephanie and Jessica, who grew up in the grooming shop, joined the staff as bathers. And so, All God’s Creatures truly became a “Family Business”. Life was good!

For 21 years All God’s Creatures remained in Leeper’s Shopping Center until moving to busy Route#1 in Penndel in 2008 where the business flourished. At the end of 2012, Loretta retired from grooming, passing the reigns to Laura as official owner. Loretta continues to handle the business end of things, while Laura is in charge of all things grooming and so far has enjoyed the challenge. Life is good.............with one exception!

Laura had always dreamed of operating the business out of her home.When she and her husband Steve purchased a larger home in 2013 it became possible to fulfill that dream. And so for the fourth and final time All God's Creatures has relocated back to their roots in Levittown. Family and friends pulled together and turned her garage into a full service grooming shop, where she can offer the sme full scale services but also cut the cost of operation and , in addition, enable her to better serve her customers. It is a win-win situation! Life is good!

You are invited to stop by anytime to visit the new facility. You will find the same friendly Staff who will be happy to see you. And above all, you can see for yourself that Life is indeed good!

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